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1. About 500 cars ________ in the factory next month. A. were produced B. will produce C. has been produced D. will be produced 2.Tom _______ by the fat man. A. was made to work B. was made work C

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一.选择题(真题回放) 1.He fall of the tree. A. was seen to B. was seen C. saw to D. saw 2.An accident last night. A. was happened B. happened C. happens D. is happened. 3.Great changes in

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A. 1. So they eat this fish ? Pardon ? ______ this fish eaten by them ? A. Is B. Are C. Does D. Do C. 2. Some books _____ given _____ him as gifts. A. is to B. are on C. were to D. are with D

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一、各种时态的被动语态 被动语态由 be+过去分词 构成,be随时态的变化而变化,高考对被动语态的考查通常从以下九种时态人手。 1.一般现在时 表示现在或经常发生的被动动作时,用一般现在时的被动语态。一般现在时

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中考被动语态真题练习(提高篇) 1. The sick boy __to hospital by the police yesterday. A. is taken B. was taken C. takes D. took 2. Waste paper shouldn t __ everywhere. It s our duty to keep our

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中考真题练习题 1. The road ____ last year. A. builds B. built C. was built D. is built 2. Liu Xiang ___ by his coach to train regularly. A. adised B. advises C. was advised D. be advised 3.

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( ) 1 The People s Republic of China ___ on October 1, 1949. A. found B. was founded C. is founded D. was found ( ) 2 English ____ in Canada. A. speaks B. are spoken C. is speaking D. is spoken (

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一、选择题 ( )1._____ a new library _____ in our school last year? A. is; built B. Was; built C. Does; build D. Did; build ( )2 .An accident ____ on this road last week. A. has been happe

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1. If city noises ____ from increasing,people ____ shout to be heard even at dinner. A. are not kept;will have toB. are not kept;have C. do not keep;will have toD. do not keep;have to 2. Th

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1. I ll be going to work on foot while my bicycle------. (a) is being repaired (b) is repaired (c) will repaired (d) has been repaired 2. The radar sets------for a long time without any trouble. (a

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中考英语被动语态40道经典练习题 1)It is said that a new robot ____by him in a few days. A) designedB) has been designed C) will be designedD) will have been designed 2)We are late. I expect the film _

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一、单项选择 ( )1.-Do you often clean your classroom? -Yes. Our classroom ___ every day. A. clean B.cleans cleaned cleaning ( )2.A talk on developments in science and technology___in the

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主动:He answered me the question. (正) 被动:I was answered the question by him. (正) 被动:The question was answered me by him. (误) 以上句子涉及带双宾语动词的被动语态问题。这个问题可以从三个方面去

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那里的人缺乏食物。 正:People there lack food. 误:Food is lacked by people there. 从形式上看,第2句是第1句的相应的被动形式,既然第1句为正句,那么第2句从理论上说应该是成立的。而事实上第2句却是个错句

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