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2018中考英语知识点:there be结构的特殊句型


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1.His father set the alarm clock for seven everyday. (改为一般疑问句) ________ his father ________ the alarm clock for seven? 2.I have already received some Christmas cards. (一般疑问) _____ you re

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中考重点句型复习(1--9) 1、 我一得到消息,就发一条短信给你。 I ll send you a short message__________________________I get the news. 2、 这部电视剧不如那部有趣。 The TV series is ________________

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中考英语there be句型中考复习题(提高篇)

there be句型中考复习题 1. There _______ a lot of traffic at this time of day ,so you d better_______more careful A. has,be B. have,been C. is,be D.are,are 2. There_______ some water in the cup A. i

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1.There are _____ days in a week. A.the seven B.seventh C.the seventh 2.There are few _____ in the fridge.Let s go and buy som e peas,carrots and cabbages. A.vegetables B.fruit C

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中考英语句型转换解析分类汇编:同义型句型转换 同义型句型转换 同义型句型转换即是用另一种方式来表述与原句相同的句意,也称作同义句转换,主要考查学生对句型及词汇的掌握情况。 【真题引导1】 I prefer walking

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中考英语复习试题精选:句式句型 一、同义句改写,每空一词(20分) 1.This is the most boring journey that I have ever heard of. I have ________ heard of ________ a boring journey before. 2.My father see

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1.I know the answer.(一般疑问句) ______ ______ know the answer? 2.We can see some birds.(一般疑问句) ______ ______ see ______ birds? 3.There is a computer in my house.(一般疑问句) ______ ______ a c

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划分句子成分练习题(1) 1.They are working on the farm now. 2.Seeing is believing 3.All of us like Kobe Bryant very much 4.She became a doctor in 1998 5.The book lying on the floor are mine 6.Sud

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一. 对划线部分提问 1. The girl looked worried because he lost his ticket to the movie. 2. She felt terrible when she was ill. 3. It took them ten days to finish the work. 4. They decided t

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一.Fill the following blanks with the proper words. 1. Welcome ______ China. 2. What s the matter _______ your watch? 3. The weather in Beijing is different ____ that of Nanjing. 4. His trousers are

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1. I prefer ____ there doing nothing. A. working than sitting B. to work than to sit C. working to sit D. to work rather than sit 2. All ____ has already been done. A. can be done B. should be d

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句型专项练习(附答案) 1.I know the answer.(一般疑问句) ______ ______ know the answer? 2.We can see some birds.(一般疑问句) ______ ______ see ______ birds? 3.There is a computer in my house.(一般疑问

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