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用动词的一般现在时或现在进行时填空 1. A. What________you__________(think) of the idea? B. What________you__________(think) about? 2. A. He__________(not look) his age. B. He _____________(look) f

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一、用括号内的词语回答提问: What are you doing now? I m _________________. 1. (read a book) 2. (walk through the park) 3. (open a bottle) 4. (drink tea) 5. (have lunch) 请下载附件: 《初中英语现

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一 、单选 1、 Look! He _____their mother do the housework. A. is helping B. are help C. is help helpping 2 、_____are the boys doing ? They are singing in the room. A .Who B .How C.What D.

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一、写出下列动词的ing形式 walk jump watch lie play sing eat read smoke dance drive run swim sit tie 二、用现在进行时完成下列句子: 1. ______you__________(fly) a kite? Yes,_______. 2. ____

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一.填空题1. The boy __________________ ( draw)a picture now.2. Listen .Some girls __________ (sing) in the classroom. 3. My mother ____________ (cook) some nice food now. 4. What _____ you ______ ( d

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一、选择题练习 1. Who _____ over there now? A. singing B. are sing C. is singing D. sing 2. It s eight o clock. The students _____ an English class. A. have B. having C. is having D. are having

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初中英语:现在进行时练习题 一.填空题 1.Mr Zheng _______________ (read) a book now. 2. The rabbits _________________ (jump) now. 3.. Look ! Tom and John ________________ (swim). 4. My brother ______

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一、单项选择 1.我在照看孩子. (A)I am looking after the baby. (B)I m look aftering the baby. (C)I look am aftering the baby. (D)I looking after the baby. 2._____friend s making______a kite. (A)I,me

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一、写出下例动词的现在分词形式 1)give____2)use____3)move____4)skate____5)draw____6)tell____ 7)ring____8)wear____9)get____10)put____11)hit____12)stop____ 13)keep____14)hurt____15)know__

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1. Where s Tom ? His mother __ him now. 【2011北京】 A. is looking for B. will look for C. has looked for D. Looks for 2.- What is Tom doing now? -He ______ basketball over there. 【2011山东】

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现在分词的变化规则 1、 一般在词尾加-ing(一般-ing)。例如: going,playing,knowing 2、 以不发音的字母e结尾,先去e再加-ing(去哑e)。例如:making,arriving,coming 3、 以重读闭音节结尾,且词尾只有一

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现在进行时在句式的变化上,都应在助动词be上做文章。 1、 肯定式:be(am, is, are)+ Ving(现在分词) 如: They are having an English class. 他们在上英语课。 2、 否定式:be(am, is, are) + not + Ving(现在

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1、把动词变成现在分词形式易出错。例: (1)误:They are swiming (swim) . 正:They are swimming (swim). (2)误:Jenny is plaiing (play) football. 正:Jenny is playing (play) football. 解析:A、动词变

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1、在汉语中,通常有 在,正在 等提示词。如: 我在做作业。I am doing my homework. 2、在英语中,最常见的提示词有now,look,listen以及at the moment(此时此刻)等。如: Look,they are playing football. 瞧

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现在进行时可用来表示不会长期发生的动作或情况,或被认为在短期内正在进行的动作或存在的状况。 What s your daughter doing these days ? - She s studying English at Durham University. 你女儿现在在干什么?-

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